Everyday Japanese Course

7 – 9pm, one evening a week for four weeks

This home cooking course will introduce you to the simple, healthy, economic and delicious dishes that the Japanese cook in their homes. Designed as four sit down dinners with wine, in an authentic Japanese setting, you will learn how to create soups, rice/noodle, vegetable dishes as part of a small seven person class. As with all of Reiko’s classes, all ingredients lists and recipes will be printed for you to take home, so that you can recreate what you have learnt in your own kitchen.

1st Class:

–  Chicken & Vegetables Katsu
Inari Zushi – Chirashi stuffed in deep fried tofu
–  Chawanmushi – Japanese savoury custard

2nd Class

– Niku Jaga – Japanese beef & potato stew
– Hijiki & Takuan Rice
– Tofu & Prawn Balls with Oroshi Ginger Dipping Sauce

3rd Class

– Nabeyaki Udon – hot pot udon noodle in dashi broth
– Vegetable Tamagoyaki Omelette
Spicy Mabo Aubergine

4th Class:

Crispy Skin Karaage Chicken with Pickled Cucumber Ribbons
Salmon Tataki Donburi
Onsen Tamago Miso Soup – porched egg & mushroom miso soup

Upcoming dates:

Thursdays – 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd February

The whole course is £280*, to book or enquire, please contact Reiko.

*Full payment in advance will secure your booking. Once confirmed, we do not offer full refunds however can reschedule your class if given 2 weeks’ notice, while a voucher has 6 months’ validity which can be extended if you contact us within the first 6 months.