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Creating technical sushi rolls and nigiris with premium ingredients including soft shell crab tempura, seabream, blow torched salmon, unagi, tobiko fish roe, white toro, tamago.

Enjoy those freshly made your own gourmet sushi rolls and nigiris with freshly grated Wasabi from well-established The Wasabi Company.  Try tasting two distinctively different types of premium sake with your Gourmet sushi followed by Reiko’s special Japanese flavours of Mattcha (green tea) and Kuro-Goma (black sesame) ice cream.

During the class, you will learn:

  • Where to shop and what to buy when making sushi
  • All about the basic ingredients used in sushi making
  • How to make sushi rice
  • How to cook soft shell crab tempura for inside out rolls
  • How to make Sake Aburiyaki (blow torched salmon)
  • 3 types of gourmet rolls
  • How to make both tobiko and quail egg, and white toro, gunkan
  • How to create nigiri using Sake Aburiyaki (blow touched salmon), Sea Bream, Shime Saba (lightly pickled mackerel), Unagi eel, pickled courgette and tamago

    Saturday  12 – 3:30 pm/ £145

    To be confirmed
    *If you are a group of four or more, we can arrange the date to suits your group


Please email to book your space. 

*Full payment in advance will secure your booking. Once confirmed, we do not offer full refunds however can reschedule your class if given 2 weeks’ notice, while a voucher has 6 months’ validity which can be extended if you contact us within the first 6 months.