Sushi & Sashimi Class

The most complete sushi and sashimi class in London. Learn to make five different sushi types and witness how fresh sashimi platter is made right in front of you. We will all sit in an authentic Japanese table to enjoy sushi & sashimi lunch with complimentary sake followed by Reiko’s special green tea ice cream. You will also take sushi rolls, sushi starter kit and *Hashi Cookbook home.
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Ramen & Gyoza Class

Enjoy learning and making how to create gyoza dumplings, and perfect ramen by making your own fresh noodles before trying your creations over a casual Yatai-style dinner with a choice of beer or glass of wine or two!

Book two places or more and get a copy of HASHI Cookbook!

In the ramen part of the class, you will be making fresh noodles followed by demonstration of how to make perfect broth to create authentic Tonkotsu Ramen with cha siu pork for the main topping along with all the other toppings include soy marinade egg and authentic condiments.

In the gyoza part of the class, you will learn calamari and chicken or pork gyoza filling followed by hands-on making the dumplings. You will also be shown how to make spicy ponzu dipping sauce.

Reiko will also explain where & what to buy the best and freshest ramen noodle and gyoza wrapper.

Mid-week  7- 9:30pm / £90

  • Future dates to be confirmed

Please email to book your space. 

*Full payment in advance will secure your booking. Once confirmed, we do not offer full refunds however can reschedule your class if given 2 weeks’ notice, while a voucher has 6 months’ validity which can be extended if you contact us within the first 6 months.


Gourmet Course

An intimate class of just 6 people, set as a series of Chef’s Table experiences where you will see demonstrations of and eat a series of four-course meals followed by Reiko’s special Japanese flavoured ice cream (green tea, black sesame, white miso, salted cherry) to complete a meal. Each dishes are accompanied with quality wine or sake in an authentic Japanese setting. *wine & sake on request
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