Tour the culinary traditions of Japan

Each year, Reiko returns to Kyoto to visit family, and touch base with the Japanese food landscape, researching for her new classes, courses and cookbooks. Reiko has now begun to host bespoke tours in Kyoto for couples, individuals and small groups, wishing to find out more about Japanese food. Reiko first consults with the client to find out exactly what they would like from their trip, she then prepares an itinerary of restaurants, markets and foodie hotspots and then after flying to Kyoto will explore with her clients, able to guide and translate in situ.

Reiko’s food tours are especially unique as they also include Japanese cookery classes, set in a brand new Japanese kitchen in Kyoto, teaching in the same personal, hands-on fashion that she teaches in London. This way, clients can visit Kyoto’s world-famous markets with Reiko, pick out their ingredients, and then learn how to prepare and cook these – the full Japanese food experience!

Information on partnerships coming soon!

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