Beginners’ Course

7 – 9pm, one evening per week for four weeks.

A full introduction to Japanese cookery, Reiko will explain the very basics while teaching up to four dishes per class. Designed as a series of four small classes of up to 7 people, you’ll watch and learn before making hands on dishes, and enjoying these as sit down dinners in a fun, informal atmosphere with wine.

1st Class:

  • Introduction to the basic ingredients and methods used in Japanese cooking
  • Traditional dashi stock from scratch
  • Hands-on making of chicken teriyaki and yakitori
  • Create and try a selection of salad dressings
  • Miso soup
  • Spinach with sesame sauce

2nd Class:

  • Gyoza dumplings
  • Soba noodle salad with sesame dressing
  • Nasu Dengaku – Grilled aubergines with sweet miso
  • Takikomi Gohan – Japanese mixed flavoured rice

3rd Class:

  • Cook sushi rice from scratch
  • Create thin sushi rolls, inside out rolls using tobiko fish roe, smoked mackerel, salmon sashimi, avocado and seafood sticks. Compressed sushi using smoked salmon & salomon mayonnaise
  • Sumashi Jiru – a healthy clear soup with julienne vegetables

4th Class:

  • Tempura batter and tempura vegetables
  • Miso marinaded salmon fillet
  • Tofu bags with minced pork and egg
  • Somen noodles in a clear ginger broth

Upcoming Dates:

  • Thursdays – 29th June, 6th, 13th July, Wednesday 19th July
  • Tuesdays – 19th, 26th September, 3rd, 10th October

The whole course is £280*, to book or enquire, please contact Reiko.


*Cancellation Policy: A full payment in advance will secure the booking. Once the booking is confirmed, there will be no full refund. However, rescheduling the date can be discussed with at least two week’s notice. A voucher has 6 months validation, however it can be extended if you contact me within the first 6 months.