Professional Course

Designed as four classes, from one to six people maximum, you’ll create a series of four-course dinners in a high end Chef’s Table experience. You are welcome to participate in cooking or observing to witness details as you like.  

Not only will you learn to make dishes at high end of Japanese dishes, you’ll also learn how to match dishes with premium sake and wine to match. Sake tutorial by the sake expert, Oliver Hilton-Johnson from British sake association with extra cost is available upon request.

The course menu may change due to seasonal availability of some speciality ingredients, however an example menu is as follows:

1st Class:

  • Sake Aburiyaki – blow-torched sashimi with yuzu dressing
  • Lobster Thermidor, Japanese style – baked lobster tail & leek with white nuta miso
  • Prawn and chicken Gammodoki Dofu – a tofu pattie with ginger onion dipping sauce
  • Aki Gohan – Autumn rice, with bamboo shoots, enoki and shiitake mushrooms

2nd Class:

  • Seabass Kobujime (cured with kelp) served with ponzu dashi dressing
  • Kamo Hoba Yaki – grilled duck served with plum miso
  • Anago Chawanmushi  – conger eel and shimegi mushroom with savoury egg custard
  • Mentaiko chilli spiced cod roe & lump fish caviar spaghetti

3rd Class:

  • Tartar of Salmon & Ikura salmon caviar on sushi rice with fresh wasabi mayonnaise
  • Grilled lamb with White Miso, Ginger and Blue Cheese Sauce
  • Shigyaki Nasu baked miso aubergine with minced chicken and mozzarella
  • Hotate Mushi Dofu – steamed scallops and mushroom tofu with sesame sauce

4th Class:

  • Mushi Dori Yakumi sauce with crispy skin
  • Lotus Root & Prawn Tempura with Ume dipping sauce
  • Tofu Dendaku three ways with both yuzu miso, shiso miso and aka miso
  • Kani Zosui crab risotto with dashi brothCourse dates and dishes can be adjusted upon request due to the specific professional course.

The whole course of four sessions costs starts from £420,* to enquire please contact Reiko. 

*Cancellation Policy: A full payment in advance will secure the booking. Once the booking is confirmed, there will be no full refund. However, rescheduling the date can be discussed with at least two week’s notice. A voucher has 6 months validation, however it can be extended if you contact me within the first 6 months.