Mid-week 7 – 9pm or 12 – 2pm

During this hands-on class you will learn recipes for three delicious desserts, working as part of a small group of less than 8 people, like all Hashi classes. Based on traditional Japanese desserts, the dishes that you will learn use authentic Japanese flavours with a little modern twist. Although Japanese desserts are not widely made in the UK, you will be surprised to find out how easy it is to achieve flavour-rich, light and beautifully presented Japanese desserts with ingredients obtained locally.

Through the class you will learn how to create Green Tea Dorayaki, with a smooth azuki bean paste sandwiched between fluffy green tea pancakes; Black Sesame Ice Cream – nutty black sesame ice cream; and White Miso Soufflés with Ginger Caramel Sauce – this combination of umami miso and sweet caramel is a surefire way to impress any guests!

What you learn;

– Mattcha Dorayaki – green tea pancake with red bean paste
– Black Sesame Ice Cream
– White Miso Souffles

Upcoming Classes:

12th October 

Classes cost £85*, to enquire, please contact Reiko.

*Full payment in advance will secure your booking. Once confirmed, we do not offer full refunds however can reschedule your class if given 2 weeks’ notice, while a voucher has 6 months’ validity which can be extended if you contact us within the first 6 months.