Hashi Event By Alex Mac-Praed (60 of 70)

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Amazing experience; great setting, excellent teaching, good company and most importantly exquisite but achieveable food

I wholeheartedly recommend this experience in fact I implore you to do it, you will not regret it. You will enjoy yourself immeasurably, be spoiled with four exquisite dinners, likely meet some great people and become everyone’s favourite dinner party host when you show off your new skills. My husband has certainly enjoyed trying out all the new dishes in my repertoire from easy weekday supper dishes to dinner party show stoppers.

I don’t want my Japanese Thursday nights to come to an end, I already have an eye on Reiko’s other classes and courses and eagerly await the launch of her new book in January. Thank you Reiko for the all the utterly delicious and unforgettable experiences, your cookery school is truly unique and an absolute pleasure to attend.”

Gourmet Course attendee, December 2016

Incredible experience…

Reiko spent 4 hours taking us through everything from miso soup, to rolls, to sashimi and nigiri. Plus, the classes are small so you get plenty of practice and chance to ask questions. Reiko herself is very friendly, welcoming and brilliant at what she does which made the experience so enjoyable. At the end of the class you get the chance to sit down, chat and eat the food you have been preparing, and it’s even finished off with sake and green tea ice cream. Thank you so much Reiko, for the wonderful experience, it was worth every penny and I’d recommend it to anyone who loves sushi!”

Sushi and Sashimi Workshop attendee, November 2016

The Perfect Japanese Cooking Experience

The Reiko/Hashi cooking experience was an amazing experience from start to finish. What can be quite an intimidating cuisine and skill from a beginner level, Reiko makes the fine art of Japanese cuisine accessible to all. I walked away with both an ambition to learn more and pragmatic, usable advice and skills to ensure that I take what I learnt and put into practice. If there is any doubt to choose Hashi cooking read the Trip Advisor reviews and check out the 5 star reviews on Amazon for Reiko’s book. Highly Recommend.”

Visited October 2016