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Reiko Hashimoto offers staff and chef training to private chefs, hoteliers and restaurateurs worldwide.

With fresh, authentic Japanese cuisine in high demand across Europe, the Americas and Asia, Reiko recognises the importance of providing customers with the delicious food and high quality dining experience that they expect.

Reiko will travel to your business to provide training for your entire restaurant staff, using her thorough knowledge of Japanese dining to educate in Japanese flavouring, menu development, and to teach practical preparation, cooking and presentation of dishes, finished with wine and sake matching.

The number of days can be extended, depending on what your goal is. Generally in five days* Reiko is able to cover all of the six steps listed below in the ‘typical schedule’ while Reiko also offers ‘additional options’ to suit you.

For overseas training, the typical schedule for each programme:

1. Review of basic knowledge/ ingredients/ level of cooking

– Understand your staff’s level of basic knowledge, for example whether they can make traditional stock.

– Test the cooking standard of your staff and improve their flavouring of dishes; this method will be repeated to ensure that they learn how to master authentic Japanese flavours.

– Check if the staff use various ingredients (type of meat, vegetable, noodles etc.) correctly for each dish.

2. Prepare your existing Japanese menu together to improve each dish’s authentic Japanese flavour.

3. Practise ingredient preparation i.e. how best to slice vegetables, roots and herbs, which parts of each cut of meat should be used.

4. Introduce new dishes for your menu (number of dishes varies depending on length of training course.)

5. Practise cooking and tasting new dishes to improve cooking skills, speed of preparation and flavour.

6. Work on menu planning, including how to suggest appropriate side dishes, condiments and sauces.

Additional options:

7. Training waiting staff in how to serve Japanese meals correctly and traditionally

8. Tuition in wine/sake matching

If you have any other additional options then Reiko is happy to discuss these with you, please contact Reiko to plan your training programme.

*This training involves a minimum five-day course based on 3 hours practical training in the kitchen. Accommodation, all in-house meals and transport from/to the airport for Reiko Hashimoto should be provided by the company.