A full introduction to Japanese cookery, Reiko will explain the very basics while teaching up to four dishes per class. Designed as a series of four small classes of up to 7 people, you’ll watch and learn before making hands on dishes, and enjoying these as sit down dinners in a fun, informal atmosphere with wine.


1st Class:

  • Introduction to the basic ingredients and methods used in Japanese cooking
  • Traditional dashi stock from scratch
  • Hands-on making of chicken yakitori
  • Create and try a selection of salad dressings
  • Miso soup
  • Spinach with sesame sauce

2nd Class:

  • Gyoza dumplings
  • Soba noodle salad with sesame dressing
  • Nasu Dengaku – Grilled aubergines with sweet miso
  • Takikomi Gohan – Japanese mixed flavoured rice

3rd Class:

  • Cook sushi rice from scratch
  • Create thin sushi rolls, inside out rolls using tobiko fish roe, smoked mackerel, salmon sashimi, avocado and pickled vegetables. Compressed sushi using smoked salmon 
  • Sumashi Jiru – a healthy clear soup with julienne vegetables

4th Class:

  • Tempura batter and tempura vegetables
  • Miso marinaded salmon fillet
  • Tofu bags with minced pork and egg
  • Somen noodles in a clear ginger broth

The whole course of 4 evening classes is £300*


Please email reiko@hashicooking.co.uk to book your space. 

*Full payment in advance will secure your booking. Once confirmed, we do not offer full refunds however can reschedule your class if given 2 weeks’ notice, while a voucher has 6 months’ validity which can be extended if you contact us within the first 6 months.