I want to give a voucher as a gift but not sure which date he/she can do and which class…

You can purchase a voucher without booking the date of the class. You can also purchase a voucher for whatever the value you wish to spend. In case if the recipient chose to do higher valued class, he/she can pay the difference. If it is the lower valued class, the difference is compensated with the gifts to match the value , such as choice of my cookbook, Japanese ingredients or Japanese cooking utensils.

I love to learn how to make the art of sushi. But I’m vegetarian and gluten free diet. Does this mean I can’t do your class?

That’s not a problem at all. We can prepare for equal number of selection of vegetarian fillings and toppings to the others for sushi. We use gluten free soy sauce for sushi dipping sauce as it suits well for sushi. We can also use konbu (seaweed) stock for miso soup.

After I booked a class, I found out I’m pregnant. Am I able to eat raw fish or should I postpone the class?

It is entirely up to you how comfortable for you to eat raw fish. In Japan most pregnant women carry on eating raw fish including my own experiences. They say to avoid spicy food when pregnant in Japan. Though I’m sure pregnant women in India or Thailand (or more countries) eat spicy food. Basically, you must avoid the diet to upset your system as your body react sensibly to foreign ingredients. In Hashi kitchen we only use freshest ingredients especially if it comes to raw fish and I have had many pregnant ladies came to the class in the past 17 years and as far as I know that all of them had perfectly healthy babies.

I’m a competent cook but haven’t had much experience in Japanese cooking. Shall I start with specific course?

Even though you are an experienced cook, if you haven’t done much Japanese cooking, and if you would like to learn variety of Japanese dishes, it’s best to start with Traditional Japanese Course as it is a great foundation course whereby introducing many traditional dishes as well as going through all the basics.

I want to have a private class in my kitchen. Do you offer to come to people’s home?

I can come to people’s home on request. However, there will be a charge on top of the normal private class held at Hashi Kitchen as my time of packing/unpacking, driving (plus petrol) will be added. I highly recommend holding a class at Hashi Kitchen as the venue is spacious and newly refurbished to a high standard. And also the kitchen is fully equipped for Japanese cooking class and the food is served with beautiful Japanese crockery and Japanese settings.

I’m doing a research for our company team building sushi making class. Do you offer this kind of event and how many people can you take? And do you provide the venue?

Hashi Kitchen can comfortably accommodate up to 20 people for sushi making class. We can also come to your venue and hold sushi workshop for more numbers without the full kitchen facility if you have a water access and space!

Do you have any classes or courses held mid-week lunchtime?

I don’t have scheduled group class during mid-week lunchtime as I teach many private classes on that time frame. However, if you have a group of four or more people, I’d be happy to set a class or course for you. We can then discuss the timing and the dishes.