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Hashi Cooking has teamed up with some great companies to help you source all the ingredients, drinks and tableware you need to create a truly Japanese experience at home. Hashi students can get a discount with majority of the partners – you can request for this upon booking your class.

The Yutaka brand is becoming more and more synonymous with Japanese cooking. The Yutaka range of Japanese food products was introduced to the UK market in 1995. It is these many years of experience in dealing with the finest quality Japanese food ingredients that goes into the development of every Yutaka product – demonstrating the Japanese meaning of Yutaka being “Good Harvest”.

Today it’s very extensive and growing range includes frozen and store-cupboard ingredients for sushi as well as everyday sauces, soups, rice and noodle dishes. Yutaka is one of the leading suppliers to the Japanese restaurants, hospitality industries, food manufacturers and supermarkets in the UK and abroad. Yutaka

The company had been watercress growers in Dorset and Hampshire since the 1850s. And it was watercress that led them to wasabi – a remark a chef made about the only other crop he had seen growing in similar conditions was wasabi in Japan. That was enough to plant a seed in their minds.

The Wasabi company today not only grow and supply fresh wasabi, watercress and citrus commercially and to homes directly but also have an impressive wasabi label line that includes some great wasabi-based mayonnaise, powder, mustard, sauces, jam and vodka. The company has also gone to great lengths to source some of the best Japanese products available…Marusho ponzu and vinegars is a perfect example…as is a wide range of Japanese products from a range of other suppliers. The Wasabi Company

Sous Chef is the shop for people who love cooking! They are the place-to-be online for cooks and chefs – for everyday as well as unique and hard to source world food ingredients, equipment, tableware and gifts inspired by leading restaurants and international food. And luckily, they offer a wide range of Japanese ingredients too.

With a warehouse full of fabulous things, Sous Chef ships to thousands of customers every week, from home cooks to some of the top Michelin-starred restaurants. Souschef

We say “you eat with your eyes first” and this phrase is very much appreciated even for everyday meals in Japan. Crockery plays a very big part in the presentation and luckily Made in Japan will let you do just that.

Made in Japan have been importing gorgeous high-quality tableware and homewares from Japan for over 25 years. The tableware they import is seldom seen outside Japan – often only in restaurants and homes in the areas surrounding the makersʼ kilns. Collectively they deal directly with these kilns…sourcing high-quality product at the best possible price. MIJ tableware is functional, well designed, durable and unique.  Made in Japan

Tengu Sake specialises in bringing premium quality Japanese sake and spirits to the UK market. With well over 20,000 sake available in Japan the choice can be daunting; fortunately, Tengu Sake has done the hard work and selected the very best. Representing seven esteemed, award-winning Japanese kura (breweries) to deliver a delicious and authentic taste of Japan to the UK.

Winner of IWC Sake Merchant of the Year 2016-2019, you can find their sake in many prestigious restaurants and bars throughout the country and also online at the UK’s first dedicated sake shop: Tengusake 

Want sushi and sashimi grade fish delivered straight to your door. Soldeli specialises in premium seafood and has been supplying to Japanese restaurants, Michelin to takeaways shops, hotels and caterers for over 25 years. In April 2020 they saw the opportunity to expand this to deliver to directly to homes nationwide allowing people to create and enjoy sushi, sashimi and seafood dishes at home.

Fish comes frozen in individually vacuumed packed bags and with ice packs too, so the temperature stays constant during transit. Customers can buy in larger quantities and keep in freezer for use as and when needed. Soldeli

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