Online Scheduled Japanese Cooking Course

Learn to make authentic Japanese dishes from the comfort of your own kitchen.


Online Scheduled Japanese Cooking Course

This is a new online course which has launched during the lock-down where Reiko is offering to share with you her everyday Japanese dishes. Reiko has selected some of the most popular and simple dishes from her 19 years of teaching experience running courses from her Wimbledon/London venue. Why not sign up for the whole course to fully enjoy Japanese Home Cooking experience.

Once you sign up the course, Reiko will send you all the information you need from the introduction of online shops for the basic ingredients, fresh ingredients and recipes well in advance. You will then receive a Zoom instruction on the day of the class. All you need to do is making sure you have all the ingredients and your wifi is working! After two hours enjoyable cooking with Reiko, your Japanese dinner with 3 dishes is ready!

Contents of the class

– Welcome: Introduction to Reiko and participants
– Getting started: Summary of the dishes and ingredients
– Cooking begins: Reiko cooking along with participants and responding to questions
– Dish up and toast: Enjoy your dinner!

Whole course – £155

*max 7 screens (up to two participants per screen)
**Price is per screen

Course A 

Class 1 (Meat & Seafood) – Tuesday 6th October
– Sticky ginger meatballs
– Prawn soba noodle salad
– Nasu dengaku, sweet miso aubergine

Class 2 (Vegetarian) – Tuesday 13th October
– Karaage tofu rice bowl with ginger teriyaki sauce
– Grilled aubergine with spicy yakumi sauce
– Vegetarian Tonjiru, shiitake mushroom and chunky vegetable miso soup

Class 3 (Meat) – Tuesday 20th October
– Okonomiyaki – Japanese savoury pancake
– Yakitori chicken, chicken in skewers
– Green beans with sesame and ginger gomadare dressing

Class 4 (seafood and fish) – Tuesday 27th October
– Salmon and Avocado Poke Bowl
– Clear soup with prawn dumplings
– Spinach with creamy and spicy sesame sauce

Course B

Class 1 
– Chicken and vegetables katsu
– Pickled cucumber and fennel
– Edamame rice

Class 2 (Vegetarian) 
– Vegetarian Oyako donburi (shiitake mushroom and egg)
– Tofu steak with miso veg topping
– Sumashi jiru – clear soup with Julienne vegetables

Class 3 
– Mabo Dofu – pork & tofu with spicy miso sauce
– Takikomigohan – chicken and vegetables flavoured rice
– Japanese Coleslaw

Class 4 (Seafood & Fish) 
– Kakiage – prawn and vegetable tempura with ponzu dipping sauce
– Kitsune udon or soba noodles in clear dashi broth
– Miso marinade salmon

Course C

Class 1 (Meat) 
-Buta Syouga Yaki Donburi – ginger pork on rice bowl
-Grilled Broccoli with Yuzu Sesame Ponzu
-Clear Soup with Chicken dumplings

Class 2 (Fish & Seafood) 
-Seared Tuna with Ponzu Onion Dressing
-Onigiri – traditional Japanese stuffed rice balls
-Chawanmushi – prawn savoury egg custard

Class 3 (Vegetarian) 
-Edamame & Tofu Teriyaki Burger with Wasabi Mayo
-Konbu Dashi Kabocha Squash Soup, Japanese Style
-Wakame Seaweed, Cucumber & Avocado Salad

Class 4 (Meat) 
-Beef Tataki with Goma Sesame Sauce
-Japanese Potato Salad
-Yaki Meshi – spicy ginger chicken fried rice

Course D

Class 1 (meat)
-Karaage Chicken with Tangy Ginger Onion Sauce
-Lei Men – cold ramen noodle with summer salad toppings
-Juicy Tofu Bag with Two fillings (Japanese style scotch egg & pork pie!)

Class 2 (seafood)
-Nanban Mackerel – mackerel marinated with pickled crunchy vegetables
-Chirashi Zushi – scattered sushi
-Spicy White Miso Soup with Prawn & Chicken Quenelle

Class 3 (meat)
-Gyu Sukiyaki Don – sukiyaki beef on rice bowl
-Bang Bang Chicken with Ginger Sesame Sauce
-Mizore Jiru – hearty cloudy soup

Class 4 (seafood or vegetarian) 
-Prawn & Chicken Ganmodoli Dofu Pati with Ginger Daikon Dipping Sauce
-Soba Noodles with Miso Spinach Pesto
*Grilled Spicy Scallops & Tobiko (sea food version) or Aubergine & Samphire (vegetarian version) on Sushi Rice with Creamy Spicy Sauce
*Reiko’s signature dish

Sourcing Ingredients

Many people do not have Japanese ingredients in their cupboards and it can be a daunting thought to easily obtain them all. Help is at hand 🙂

Reiko can provide you with a special discount code for ordering the “Authentic Japanese Cooking Set” from  Sous Chef  which includes the essential store cupboard Japanese ingredients together with Reiko’s first cookbook – Hashi – Japanese Cookery.

Reiko will send you all the information for the preparation for the class (kitchen utensils, fresh ingredients, drinks to match).

Log-in details and recipes will be sent upon confirmation of your booking. Reiko can accommodate your dietary requirements and you don’t need to worry about cross contamination at the comfort of your kitchen.


Or email to book your space. 

  • Course B: Tuesday – 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd December

Scheduled evening classes
6pm – 8pm
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