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Hashi: A Japanese Cookery Course

Hashi was published in 2011 and have been going strength to strength. With over 100 recipes, this book introduces readers to traditional and modern Japanese food, replicating the cookery classes that Reiko runs from her south-west London home.

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Shortlisted as one of the ‘Best Cookery Books for Christmas’

The Telegraph

Japanese food in Britain has evolved from super-expensive restaurant fare to conveyor-belt sushi in barely 20 years. It is rare to be served it in someone’s (or someone non-Japanese’s) home, though.
Reiko Hashimoto aims to change that with her cookery courses, the inspiration for this attractive, ambitious book, designed to satisfy both the “curious beginner” and the “seasoned expert.”

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‘Time To Turn Japanese’

The Metro

With HASHI, you are in extremely safe hands, as long as you can get the ingredients – and if you can’t, try the list of suppliers at the back of the book. She’s thought of everything.

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‘Hashi Book Review’

The London Foodie

Like Reiko’s classroom recipes, the ones in the book are also concise, clear and to the point. Her prose is unpretentious, down-to-earth and fun like Reiko herself.

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‘A Review of Hashi- A Japanese Cookery Course by Reiko Hashimoto’

The Curry Guy

She is a professional Japanese cooking instructor and has taken the unique step of organising her book like her cookery course. There is also an exceptional sushi and sashimi section which is fantastic. I promise you… you will not get sushi and sashimi this good at most sushi restaurants.

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Cook Japan, Stay Slim, Live Longer

Cook Japan was published in 2017 by Bloonsbury. Here, Reiko explores the benefits of the low-fat, high-protein Japanese diet – slim physique, stable blood sugar, increased joint flexibility and a longer lifespan – and provide an insight into key Japanese fresh and store cupboard essentials.

Debunking the myths surrounding the complexity and accessibility of Japanese food, the 100 recipes have easy to follow instructions and vary from basics to technically complex, ideal for all those for all those wishing to perfect the art of Japanese home cooking.
Cook Japan, Stay Slim, Live Longeris available in WHSmith, Waterstones, The Japan Centre and other selected retailers, as well as online with Amazon, Bloomsbury and The Wasabi Company.

Recipes and Japanese ingredients are captured in beautiful photography by Jodi Hinds.

If you want a signed copy of the book please contact Reiko directly using the contact page.


This is a very interesting book, with great healthy well thought-out recipes. It is not a ‘clean eating’ or ‘diet’ book per se, rather it explains the ethos around the Japanese diet and mindset towards nurturing body and mind.

“If you are after interesting and exciting recipes that are healthy and tasty I would recommend this book and would like to book myself on a cookery course with the author.

Japan : The World Vegetarian

One of the first books in a brand-new series, Reiko Hashimoto introduces the incredibly varied world of vegetarian Japanese food.

Vegetarianism has long been a feature of the Japanese diet, and in this book Reiko walks us through the history of vegetarianism in the country, as well as providing tips on the key ingredients – such as miso, tofu and seaweed – that are most used in Japanese vegetarian cooking to help you create a mouth-watering Japanese vegetarian feast at home.

Alongside this, Reiko offers 70 delectable recipes including traditional sushi and noodle dishes, such as gyoza dumplings, fried tofu yakitori, nigiri zushi, tempura, tofu katsu curry and aubergine and padron pepper with some noodles. All recipes are accompanied by stunning photography from Polly Webster.

If you want a signed copy of the book please contact Reiko directly using the contact page.

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