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“Reiko is a charming and capable presenter and a teacher who really gets the most out of all who that attend her brilliant masterclasses.  I was inordinately proud, not to say surprised, at my own sushi-making skills that day.”

Fernando Peire, Director at The Ivy & The Club at The Ivy, November 2017

“Fantastic opportunity for team building with an excellent teacher! Given the ease of access to class from Wimbledon and the consistently excellent reviews, I arranged a team building sushi class for 21 people. Each and every one of them had a fantastic time – the food was delicious, the tuition by Reiko is top notch and she is very knowledgeable. The pace of the class is very well balanced and everyone was able to produce great results. I would highly recommend this class for people interested in learning the art of sushi preparation or simply sushi lovers that would like to taste the best!”
Teambuilding workshop attendee, October 2017
“Best sushi I’ve ever eaten!!! I cannot even begin to describe in words how great this class was, Reiko was an excellent teacher and it was great getting to know everyone else in the class. Everything I thought I knew about sushi went out the window in a good way. It was great to get stuck in and learn so much. Not to mention it was fun and delicious. There’s so much sushi and it’s an opportunity to try different things, with something for everyone. We even had enough to take home, along with our sushi kits! I want to go back, I cannot recommend Reiko and her cooking class enough!!”
Sushi and Sashimi class attendee, October 2017

Amazing experience; great setting, excellent teaching, good company and most importantly exquisite but achieveable food… I wholeheartedly recommend this experience in fact I implore you to do it, you will not regret it. You will enjoy yourself immeasurably, be spoiled with four exquisite dinners, likely meet some great people and become everyone’s favourite dinner party host when you show off your new skills. My husband has certainly enjoyed trying out all the new dishes in my repertoire from easy weekday supper dishes to dinner party show stoppers. Thank you Reiko for the all the utterly delicious and unforgettable experiences, your cookery school is truly unique and an absolute pleasure to attend.”

Gourmet Course attendee, December 2016