Reiko is aware that Japanese dishes can be mismatched, or restaurants can provide too much of one kind of cuisine and neglect another, or perhaps offer simply far too many flavours at once – meaning that at times dishes can fight, rather than compliment one another. Reiko can plan a menu for your restaurant, hotel or event, or even for chefs working privately, and these can range from 6-12 dish tasting menus, buffet parties, or a varied and detailed restaurant menu.

Or, are you holding a dinner party and need to work out how you can create several dishes at once, with limited time, hands, stoves and equipment? Reiko can devise a practical plan for you, providing dishes, recipes, timings, and even presentation tips.

Reiko devises her own recipes, works with authentic traditional Japanese foods and creates fusion dishes too, and so has hundreds of recipes to work from – as well as innovating and creating new dishes every day! Therefore, she is also able to advise on recipes, adding subtle flavours and creating pieces to compliment the dishes you might already work with.

Menus might include something like the following…

A Smart Dinner Party Menu

Selection of compressed, inside out and thin sushi rolls

Agedashi Dofu


Clear Soup with Minced Chicken Balls

Miso Black Cod with Tofu Shirae Salad


Calamari and Bamboo Shoot Salad with Spicy Miso Dressing 

to be served with plain sushi rice and Japanese pickles

Please contact Reiko to discuss the needs of your business, or event.